Simpsons Comics - Explosion 2

Simpsons Comics - Explosion 2 This oversized, 96-page comic is bursting at the reams with laughs galore! There's a new comic convention coming to Springfield, and it's Homer who's going bananas over the chance to meet his favorite, primetime, primate TV star - Christmas Ape! Then Bart pulls a prank on the entire town and discovers that the people he punked can be a lot more forgiving than he ever imagined. Plus even more explosively funny stories about our favourite fictional family!
Author(s) : Matt Groening Format : Paperback Book
ISBN-10 : 1785655655 ISBN-13 : 9781785655654
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Product Details:

Publication Date : 2017-01-13

Publisher : Titan Books

Page Length : 1091mm

Page Size : 713mm