Rietveld's Chair + Film (Premsela Design Stories)

Rietveld's Chair + Film (Premsela Design Stories) The first edition of "Rietveld's Chair" quickly sold out after it was published in 2011. The book is now available again as the inaugural volume in the Premsela Design Stories series, which focuses on iconic objects from Dutch design history. Like the first, this new edition comprises a book and DVD. In the book, art historian Marijke Kuper investigates the birth, reception and use of Gerrit Rietveld's world-famous red-and-blue De Stijl chair, an icon of Dutch design and modernism. Kuper's account-which includes copious new research-is richly illustrated and includes an overview of all known existing examples of the chair. In the accompanying documentary, directed by the book's designer, Lex Reitsma, furniture restorer Jurjen Creman reconstructs the lost first version of the chair, and Professor Erik A. de Jong recalls how his grandparents used their Rietveld furniture in the 1920s.
Author(s) : Marijke Kuper Format : Paperback Book
ISBN-10 : 9462080186 ISBN-13 : 9789462080188
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Country Publication : English

Publication Date : 2013-02-01

Publisher : NAI Publishers

Page Length : 575mm

Page Size : 750mm