Ripley's Completely Awesome! (Ripleys Believe It Or Not)

Ripley's Completely Awesome! (Ripleys Believe It Or Not) Packed full of fascinating facts and strange tales of the utterly unbelievable, Completely Awesome! celebrates everything that is incredible and true about the world around us. Illustrated throughout with over 300 colour photographs, and bristling with some 1,200 facts, this is a must-have for any child intrigued by the weirder aspects of our planet and its inhabitants.
Author(s) : Robert Leroy Ripley Format : Hardcover
ISBN-10 : 0099568225 ISBN-13 : 9780099568223
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Product Details:

Country Publication : English

Publication Date : 2014-06-19

Publisher : Arrow (Young)

Page Length : 697mm

Page Size : 894mm